Be Prepared

So, there are only 5 days left until I leave on the adventure of a lifetime and I’ve just started getting ready.
I hesitated writing this post because I know you’re probably expecting me to write about my amazing time in France…and I’m still in Minnesota, at home on my couch. But it turns out leaving for a summer abroad is not as easy as throwing a few things in a suitcase, grabbing a passport, and heading to the airport. I mean, maybe some people would do it that way, but I’m a planner. And a planner’s gotta plan.
Packing for a three months away isn’t simple, but it becomes even more difficult when your first stop is Paris (for a week). You see, Paris is a crowded city (wait whaaa?!), the metro is the most widely used mode of transportation, and there are rarely elevators, making lugging around full-size suitcases a real ordeal.
My solution? Pack a few shirts/shorts/skirts that I can mix and match with endless possibilities, stick some items in my mom’s suitcase, ignore the items I plan on purchasing (or can get cheap) in France, and bring lots of dresses (chic plus less pieces than a top and shorts/pants/etc.).
Side note: if I could, I would wear a dress everyday. They’re easy, comfy, chic, and dressy enough to fit in with the crowd in both Paris and Cannes. Plus, if you get the right kind, they don’t get super wrinkly during transport. Unfortunately they’re not always the best option when you’re entertaining three toddlers. Bummer.
On another note, during my preparations so far, I found three travel apps that I (think I’m going to) love.
1. Pureple
While planning out my travel wardrobe, I came across this neat app. (don’t ask about the title, I don’t get it either). Some people use these wardrobe organizing apps to plan out outfits using all the clothes they own, but I decided to include only the clothes I thought I might wear in France. Once you’ve individually added photos of each clothing or accessory item (you decide if that part’s even worth it), you can go through your wardrobe on the app and create and save all sorts of outfits, organizing by weather, occasion, or creating your own categories. Instead of sitting with all my to-pack clothes surrounding me, trying to take in each item, counting and recounting, organizing and reorganizing, I can quickly scan through my in-app wardrobe, checking how many of each item I have, planning outfits, and more. All while those clothes sit in neat piles in the other room.
2. Ulmon Paris
This is a simple free app that has offline versions of a Paris street map with icons for hotels, churches, museums, etc., as well as a map of the entire metro system. I’ll let you know if I like it better than its paper counterpart.
3. Instagram
I’m way behind in this area, and finally joined this social media outlet. I’m predicting it will be the perfect way to quickly edit and share my favorite photos during my travels, but I’ll update you on this one too.
C’est tout pour maintenant!

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