Bare Necessities

We made it to France yesterday around 1:30. We took two flights: one to Reykjavik, Iceland, and then one from there to Paris. Because our first flight was delayed, we had to run through the Iceland airport (which, by the way, is super confusing) to make it to flight number two. That was adventure one. Adventure 2? When mom and I walked under the wing of our 757 on our way to get on the plane and got yelled at by an Icelander (“not under the wing!! RUN RUN!!” Oops!?).

Once in Paris, we waited…and waited…and waited for our luggage, until we were eventually informed that the bags never got on the plane to Paris. They were stuck in Iceland and the delivery time and date were still TBD. We filled out a couple of lost luggage forms, grabbed a random phone to call our airbnb host to tell him we’d be (very) late, and hopped on a taxi. Finally we made it to our apartment for the week, met the extremely kind brother of our host (seriously…he bought us a rose and made us coffee!), though without much more than our phones, wallets, and the clothes on our backs. We ran out to buy toothbrushes, toothpaste, pajamas, and a few groceries.

paris groceries

All that…oh plus une bouteille de vin, parce que pourquoi pas.

We ate a bit, settled in, and crashed.

On day two, we found a bakery and bought two chocolate croissants, picked up our pre-ordered paris passes, sipped on some Starbucks, and took the metro to the Eiffel Tower (I had to see it ASAP to convince myself that I was really in Paris. I guess it’s true). Then we had to run back to the apartment to make sure we were there when the luggage arrived, and it finally came at 8 pm! HOORAY!

Honestly, we did pretty well in Paris for a day with just our bare necessities, but I’m thrilled to have my clothes and toiletries back. And now that that whole complicated mess is sorted out, I feel like we can really enjoy our time in Paris.

eiffel tower

I’ll leave you with this beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower. Because it’s beautiful.



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