Where I’m Meant to Be

“Now I’m here, blinking in the starlight; now I’m here, suddenly I see. Standing here, it’s all so clear I’m where I’m meant to be…”

I’ve been an au pair  for 2 1/2 weeks now, and life is so wonderful and so crazy and though so much has happened, I’ve decided to write a simple post. So behold: Seven gifs that sum up my life as an au pair.

1. After running around playing football (soccer) with the boys in the scorching hot sun. Or, honestly, just being outside without shade for more than 10 minutes in general:


2. When host dad wants to take you to the market again on Saturday. Plus to the most wonderful bakery for cakes and macarons:


3. When the little boys tell you you’re pretty. Or that you’re a princess. Or the most beautiful. Or have the eyes of love (all actual statements, btw):


4. When host mom suddenly switches from speaking in English or French to speaking extremely quickly in Italian:


5. When it becomes clear that the children have learned a new English word. (i.e. start saying it every chance they get):

imagegif (1)

6. Literally as soon as I climb in bed at the end of each day:

imagegif (3).gif

7. Thinking about leaving this family at the end of the summer:


That’s all for now. 🙂




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